Beauty is Hidden in Life's Most Painful Changes

Beauty is Hidden in Life's Most Painful Changes

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Even on the cloudiest of days, the sun is always there but we can't see it.  It's the same with life, it ebbs and flows...some days are unbelievably great and the sun is all around us and then we get blindsided by something really horrible.  In spite of that, every day is a chance to grow and to see the sun through the clouds if that's what you choose.  

The biggest obstacle you will ever have to overcome is your own mind.  If you can overcome that, you can overcome absolutely anything and it has to be a daily practice.  If you choose to put your energy into thinking about "how bad things are", you are only going to get more bad things.  What you focus on expands and the more you complain, the worse things get.  Sometimes, in the depths of what feels like the greatest despair, it's hard to remember that things will get better.  My friend Britt gave me a beautiful little book for my birthday and bookmarked this poem.  I have re-read it so many times over the past week and I wanted to share it because it has helped me so much.

Permission Granted

Why is it that we never feel entitled,

To take care of ourselves,

When we most need care?

Even the storm takes care of itself,

Raining until there is no more rain,

Not asking anyone's permission,

To light up the sky, fill the gutters and leak into the kitchen.

A storm has come into your life, wreaking havoc and chaos,

And you're the one needing permission?

You have it:

Permission to feel overwhelmed, but not undone,

Permission to pause, shed a few tears, take a breath,

Permission to sit with a cup of coffee and find the still center of yourself ~

In the eye of the storm~

where all your strength lies in waiting.

Storms come and pass, and you are stronger because of them.

It's stormy now.

You have permission to feel the power of the storm, and seek the shelter within yourself.

~ Susan Koefod

What's showing up for you in your life, is a reflection of how you see yourself.  One of the things that "A Course in Miracles" teaches is that we have to learn to step away from ourselves and be the observer, and to re-remember that we came from love.  To be able to step away from the madness of life and go to that space where we can observe ourselves as we really are.  Peace is found in that stillness. 

I know that the thing I want most in my life right now is peace, but I also know that I have been engaging in negative conversations and thoughts that are bringing me anything but peace.  

I have the power to choose, my thoughts and my today, I choose to believe that even though things are bad, they will get better.  I am blessed in so many ways and that is where I choose to focus my energy.  I don't believe in darkness, I just believe in the absence of light.  I want to shine as brightly as possible and believe that "this to shall pass" and I will come out on the other side and see the sun!  

Happy Monday!  Thanks so much for reading today!

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