Seven Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now!

Seven Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now!

I know, I know... I just did a post with my 10 Favorite Beauty Products, but I wanted to share a few more things that I'm loving now!  Seven is a lucky number right? 

I saw this Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer while at Target (you go in to get detergent and come out with 25 other things) and decided to give it a try.  It's so easy, just put it on wet while still in the shower and before you know it you have a deep natural looking tan.  This is my very favorite so far, and I've tried quite a few!

Chinese Laundry Bootie Clogs

My favorite new shoes (I've talked about them nonstop) are by Chinese Laundry and are so affordable!  Love them in black and also love these!

Williams Sonoma Ice Cream Starter

Williams Sonoma $14.95

I sampled this ice cream at Williams Sonoma the other day (sounds like all I do is shop, but really all I do is blog) and it was sooo good!  My favorite ice cream flavor next to coffee has always been chocolate chip mint.  The ice cream starter comes in several flavors and if you have an ice cream maker you will definitely want to try it!

Goop Podcast Interview with Oprah

The first interview was with Oprah!  Starting out with a bang!

Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow together are a winning combination.  Who else could have an interview with Oprah Winfrey as their first podcast episode!  I listen to podcasts in the car while on long trips and this one is very inspiring!

Keratise Nutritive Relax Serum

This serum is the best for my dry hair - $31.95

I read that Megan Markle uses this serum to smooth her hair so I figured it must be good!  It really does smooth my dry and unruly hair leaving it shiny and healthy looking.  It also smells really good!

This past week, my book club went to see Book Club!  We took mini bottles of prosecco with straws and laughed and cried as we watched this touching and hilarious movie!

Becoming by Michelle Obama

I'm so excited to read this memoir! 

Another inspiring lady...I'll be taking this one to the beach with me!

DSC_0905 2.jpg

Sunset in Blowing Rock!  It's not included in the seven, but definitely one of the best things ever!

Have the best weekend!

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