My Favorite White Jeans...Ever - Outfit of the Day

"If you're not comfortable in your own skin, you won't be comfortable in your own clothes." ~ Iris Apfel

As I'm sitting at my desk writing this post, it's pouring rain again!  I'm longing for a day like the one that these pictures were taken, but the rainy weather won't stop me from wearing my favorite white jeans.  I love these so much that I bought 2 pairs summer before last and I just keep wearing them!  Thankfully, they're still available because mine are starting to look a little worn!  I've styled them for Valentine's Day with a sweater and booties, and I wear them all summer long!  Keep scrolling because I'm linking the exact jeans, top and sneakers and similar bags!

Favorite J Brand White Jeans
Favorite White Jeans
Favorite J Brand White Jeans
Favorite White Jeans!

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Thanks so much for reading today!