Mixing High and Low Fashion Pieces

I will be the first to admit that I love nice designer clothing and handbags, most of us do!  While it's great to have nice things, there is no need for everything you wear be a designer piece.  Buy a few nice pieces and mix up your high and low fashion.  If you choose classic pieces, you'll find that you wear them over and over again and you'll keep them for years.  It's all about price per wear!

Loft dress, Gucci belt, Cult Gaia bag and Stuart Weitzman shoes

My dress is from Loft, and was originally priced at $98.00...now it's on sale for $50!  I paired it with Stuart Weitzman espadrille wedges that I've had for several seasons, my Cult Gaia bag, and a black Gucci Belt (the dress originally had a string belt).  The belt and shoes are staples in my closet and although the shoes can only be worn in the summer, I'll pull them out every year.  The belt is one that I'll keep forever and wear with everything, all year long.  Just a word about the Cult Gaia bags...while these bags aren't inexpensive, and are trendy right now, I believe they'll be around for a while.  Also, you can carry them right into fall and feel great it (see outfit idea below).

Cult Gaia Outfit idea

Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark

Loft dress with Gucci belt
Loft dress with Gucci belt
Allie Bead earrings

Allie Beads Earrings


Loft dress with Gucci belt
Loft dress with Gucci dress and Cult Gaia bag
Cult Gaia Bag

Black Acrylic

Loft dress with Gucci belt and Cult Gaia bag

Do you like to mix high and low fashion?  What things do you splurge on?  Leave me a comment below and let me know!  Also, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards for so many fashion ideas!  I'm starting to think about fall and pinning (planning) lots of outfits!

Have the best weekend and thanks so much for reading!