Take Your Memories and Move Forward

Quote by Glennon Doyle

To me...this quote is saying that allowing yourself to move through hard times and things that hurt while at the same time letting them go, allows a rebirth of sorts.  Sitting in pain is accepting that things are how they are, but also knowing that "this too shall pass".  When you are able to come out of the pain, you finally feel free.  

I share so much of what's going on in my life, in the hope that it will help you with what's going on in yours. I've been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results..isn't that the definition of insanity?  Life is a journey and there will always be contrast.  We have the opportunity every day to direct our awareness to the things that bring us joy.  What you focus on in life grows, so give your full attention to what you want.  It's never too late to find the happiness and inner peace that you desire.  It's always only your mind that holds you back.  Sometimes, we have to completely give up what we think life is supposed to look like and let life unfold in the way that it's divinely meant to. 

Some days when you are struggling the most and just don't have it together, when you can't let go of the past and the memories, remember that everything happens for a reason.  Take those memories and the lessons learned and move forward. All of those memories can cause you to over think the problems and create a fear in you that can be immobilizing.  Fear never fixes anything.  The presence of fear is a sign that you are relying on your own strength.  Surrender is when you give up that fear to a higher power.  The more committed to loving yourself that you feel, the less the fear matters.  Fear and worry don't ever take away the troubles, they take away the potential for peace and clarity.  Look for what brings you joy...what you focus on grows.   It's your decision whether to stay stuck in the past and keep recreating the pain (over and over again), or to let it go.  We were all put here for a reason with a purpose to fulfill.  You and I are capable of being the people we want to be...our best selves.

We are fortunate to have been given a sense of intuition.   An inner guidance system that tells us what to do, if we're willing to listen. For some reason, over and over again, we go against our better judgment, which keeps us stuck in situations that are not in our best interest. Start listening to and following the voice inside you that always has your highest good at heart.

What you focus on grows!  Focus on the beauty that you can find in this very moment.  Appreciate the lessons learned and the people in your life who taught you, let them go if necessary and then make room for what is right in front of you, just waiting for you to notice.  In time, things will fall into place and as you allow life to unfold, you realize that today is a good day!

Life is meant to be lived with passion!