5 Fun Products That Make My Life Easier (You'll Love Them All)

5 Fun Products That Make My Life Easier (You'll Love Them All)

Let’s face it – everybody is looking for ways to simplify their lives. Whether it’s a cup that keeps your tea warm for hours or supplements that makes you feel better, we all want to find more ways to live well!

Here are 5 things that I’ve found that make my life easier and I think better!

I’ve been trying to drink more green tea lately, but I like my tea hot and when I put it in a regular mug, it seems to get cold so quickly. The solution to my tea dilemma came in the form of this pink Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumblr (it comes in lots of other colors). My Yeti keeps my tea warm for hours and I carry it around with me everywhere!

Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumbler

30 ounce

Tazo Green Ginger Tea is my green tea of choice. I drink it with just a little honey and a splash of cream…I feel like I’m doing something good for myself!

Tazo Green Ginger Tea

Tazo Green Ginger Tea

My favorite green tea

As you all know, because I keep talking about it…I’m cleaning out my closet. It is taking forever because I never seem to have a chunk of time to just get it done and it also turned into a painting project. Anyway, I had a stack of sweaters that I was thinking of taking to Goodwill when I found out about this Portable Fabric Shaver. It removes fluff, lint and bobbles (who knew)! My sweaters look so much better now and I’m excited to wear them again!

Fabric Shaver

Portable Fabric Shaver


I use Welleco Super Elixir every morning because it gives me energy and makes me feel good! I believe my skin has gotten better as a result and it’s just a really healthy product to take (you can read more here). Now, when I travel, I always take the travel set with me. It’s convenient to add to bottled water and I don’t have to go without my morning boost. Coffee comes after!

Super Elixir

WellecoSuper Elixir 7 Day Travel Set


A friend told me about Jane’s Mixed Up Salt not long ago and once I tried it …I was hooked! This salt is my secret to the most delicious chicken salad you’ve ever tasted. Simply put your chicken breasts on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil (plenty) and liberally sprinkle with Jane’’s Mixed Up Salt, Janes Mixed Up Pepper and Jane’s Mixed Up Garlic. Roast at 400 degrees until done. Shred your chicken with a fork and add whatever ingredients you love to make chicken salad! You’ll thank me for this later!

Jane's Mixed Up Salt

Jane’s Mixed Up Salt

I order this in bulk!

For some reason, my hair started breaking off about 6 months ago! I wasn’t doing anything differently so it has been very puzzling. I took Accutane for 9 months a little over a year ago and I’m wondering if maybe that contributed. It also could be hormonal or a whole host of other things. When I realized what was going on, I immediately started doing everything I could to stop the breakage. This included taking extra Vital Proteins Collagen Powder, a prenatal vitamin, and about 3 weeks ago, I started taking Kera Health Dietary Supplements to stimulate hair growth. I also really took a close look at the products I was using and added Kerastase Thermal Protection Spray. I spray this product on my hair to prevent damage while I’m drying and styling it. Thankfully, the breakage seems to be better and my hair is growing.

Keratase Thermal Protection Spray

Kerastase Thermal Protection Spray


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Crazy Blonde Life Giveaway

What products do you use to make life easier? Leave a comment in the box below! Have a great weekend!

Brown Butter Mushroom & Chicken Pasta

Brown Butter Mushroom & Chicken Pasta

GIVEAWAY with Vera Bradley & Crazy Blonde Life

GIVEAWAY with Vera Bradley & Crazy Blonde Life