This & That - Everything From a Food Journal to My Favorite Running Shoe

This & That - Everything From a Food Journal to My Favorite Running Shoe

This has certainly been a morning already! I did this post once and accidentally deleted the whole thing, so here is the second version! I’m sharing a few things that I’ve found on the web that I think you may like! This has kind of turned into a series…so, if you like this kind of think, PLEASE, leave me a comment in the box below!

Tonight, I’m cooking dinner for a fundraiser for our local Arts Council and the day will only get crazier, but I’m excited about the menu and will share it with you soon! In the meantime, check out this post from last year…this is the 4th time I’ve done this fundraiser and I always love coming up with a different menu and trying new things! This year, every recipe came from Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone. It’s one of my favorite cookbooks and I’m slowly working my way through it!

This morning, I ran across this food journal, called The Well Journal on Goop (one of my favorite websites) and tried to order it, but, unfortunately it’s sold out. The good news is that you can leave your email and be notified when it’s back in stock!

“I think that keeping a food journal so that you know how you were feeling and what was going on when you were eating could be the key to stop emotional eating. “If keeping a food journal is the first step to outlining your relationship with food, The Well Journal paints in the picture, helping you find where eating habits fit into your broader well-being, from sleep and exercise to mindfulness and gratitude. And it’s so pretty and thoughtfully designed (by wellness coach Mia Rigden) that you’ll actually look forward to tallying up your meals—kale salads and French fries both.” I’m definitely on the list for The Well Journal!”

Food Journal

“Daily stress is one of the primary causes of major mental and physical health problems in our lives: it can cause heart disease, anxiety, sleep deprivation, auto-immune disorders, weight problems, unhappiness, and even deep depression.

But we’re busy – we all have places to be, things to do and people to see.  So, how do we alleviate stress and still get our work done right, without neglecting our loved ones and ourselves?  What can we realistically start doing today to nurture our mental health and overall wellness?” Read more of this article by Marc & Angel Hack Life here! They always put things into perspective for me!

Food Image

“If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third-largest emitter of CO2, after China and the United States. In our nation alone, we throw away some 63 million tons of food a year, even as 40 million Americans are considered food insecure.” Reading that stopped me in my tracks! I’m so guilty of throwing away food and after reading this article in the Washington Post, I’m going to try to be more mindful of planning my menus and shopping for only what I need! There is enough to go around and it’s really sad that we’re such a wealthy nation and we throw away so much food! You can read the entire article here!

Denim Jacket - Crazy Blonde Style

I think everyone needs a denim jacket and especially for spring! It’s a great piece to throw on with just about anything and stay warm while looking very stylish!

Denim Jacket for Spring

Denim Jacket for Spring

Kut From the Kloth

Summer, and bathing suit season, is just around the corner and it’s not too early to start thinking about getting into shape if you’ve slipped a bit over the winter! This easy to make Oatmeal Breakfast is so healthy and will keep you filling full for hours. Make it in the evening, top it with berries the next morning and you’ve got the perfect, delicious breakfast!

Energy Balls

I’ve been loving the Strawberry Cocoa Energy Balls that I posted not long ago here, but this version with Oatmeal from Hip 2 Save, sounds amazing and a good alternative to the Cocoa when I’m not feeling like chocolate ( never really, but sometimes I like oatmeal).

Nike Sneakers

Air Max DIA SE Running Shoe

So comfortable!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I got this amazing makeup palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills (also love their Brow Wiz pencil) from Sephora when I was in Boston visiting with my daughter. It has so many colors to play with and it’s a little out of my box, so I’ve really enjoyed blending and coming up with new looks! Spring is a great time to update your makeup!

Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book

I’m working on a post about my favorite coffee table books that will be coming soon. I have quite a collection and I’m always adding to it because I like to change them as the seasons change! Louis Vuitton, The Birth of Modern Luxury is definitely on my list! It’s a beautiful book that anyone would enjoy reading and also would make a great gift (maybe for Father’s Day)!

Sam Edelman Sandals

Sam Edelman Sandal


This cute sandal from Sam Edelman will go with just about everything but also comes in 6 colors!

We’re leaving in the morning to meet my daughter and her family in Boone, NC for a night! I’m so excited to see my sweet grandsons, sit by a big roaring fire and do a little blogging while I’m looking out over Grandfather Mountain! I’ll also be adding to my Pinterest Boards in the hopes that warm weather is here to stay, so be sure to check them out if you have a chance! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’ll be filling up my story with pictures from the mountainsI hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I’m including a little boutique below so you can easily shop the items in this post!

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