Are You Making Your Happiness a Priority? - A Little Sunday Inspiration

Next month on May 4, I turn 56. It’s a little hard to say because I’ll be just that much closer to 60 and I’m not ready. However…being ready doesn’t matter because the birthday is coming anyway. The past few years have been difficult ones, partly because of a situation that I had no control over and partly because I allowed it. IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON! Yesterday, I came across a quote by Oprah Winfrey…

“Every birthday, you decide whether to mark it the end of your greatest days, or the beginning of your finest hour.”

I went to bed last night with a determination to get up, let go of the past and embrace happiness.

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So…I have a burning question for you. It’s the one I asked myself last night.

Are you making your happiness a priority?

Are you doing things that bring you joy or concentrating on things that you have no control over?

Are you making time to be creative?

Or are you letting life getting in the way?

What’s the story you’re telling yourself every morning when you wake up?

Are you hopeful, energized, and excited for your day?

Or are you going through the motions...and feeling burnt out?

Well, I have good news.

You can change it all right now. One decision can change your life…it really is as easy as that. If you never decide in a pivotal moment to make changes, nothing will ever change. if you’ve been knocked down (we all have), you get to rebuild your life…and you can. Be the Hero of your life, not the victim. Grace follows gratitude and being grateful brings in the Grace that is always there…waiting. In order to live in a permanent state of grace, gratitude needs to become a habit. This cannot be overstated because it makes all the difference. If you are busy being grateful, no matter the situation, there is no room for anger or resentment.

No one ever said it was easy. You have to build new habits and it’s hard to build new habits...

Holding yourself accountable is the only way to change your life. In truth, your competition isn’t other people.  Your competition comes from your procrastination, your ego, the unhealthy food you’re eating every day or the wine you’re drinking too much of. Negative behavior kills creativity and you can’t compete against that. What behaviors do you need to change in order to change your life? What can you find to be grateful for? Spring is a season of new beginnings. Decide right now to change your routine if you don’t like it, to start an exercise routine, and to eat healthy foods. Decide to focus on the positive and practice gratitude. The only way to change your life is to change your behavior. There is nothing worse than living a life you’re not proud of.

I’ve posted this poem before, but it’s worth posting again.


So make it worth your while and give everything you have.

Live for today and take care of the people you love and those that love you will do the same.

Let go of anything that is negative and holding you down, and always search for the positive that will help you fly.

Don’t waste time worrying about a life that is limited, because everything that challenges your spirit makes you stronger.

Keep moving toward all the good that you can find because the reward for a life that is lived to the fullest, is a life that is extraordinary and filled with purpose.

Explore every exciting opportunity and each open door.

Don’t be held back by what you are unsure about,  Forever pursue what your heart is craving because it will always lead you to your best self.

This is the only life you have so always reach for the best.

Don’t let anyone deter you from being fiercely happy and content.

As long as you come from a place of honesty and truth, you will deserve all the goodness that finds it’s way to you.

Remember to listen, touch, hold and contribute.  And never forget to give, respect, love and embrace.  

Your life can be genuinely amazing if you just live it every day! ~ Unknown

I am most grateful to know that change is possible and that my life can be what I want it to be and it will be what I make it based on my decisions. I know that in this world, there are people who don’t realize that they are in control. I think it’s an important message to share.

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