Five Ways to Feel 5 Pounds Lighter + Life Lately

Five Ways to Feel 5 Pounds Lighter + Life Lately

Hi Everyone! This is my first official post from Bald Head Island. We got here on Wednesday night after driving through some crazy thunderstorms. We stopped and ate in Southport, NC, at Provision Company which is definitely a tradition for us. It’s just not the same without some steamed shrimp and conch fritters! Yesterday was spent getting organized and just sitting on the beach soaking in the salt air and sunshine. I started reading my book club book and I’m totally loving it. I’m looking forward to more lazy days on the beach reading…it’s of my favorite things in life. Just staring at the ocean makes me feel so peaceful and it’s a place I go back to in my mind sometimes when I’m feeling stressed. We made more shrimp for dinner and a relaxing evening.

The picture below was taken on the porch of our house and I’m wearing my July 4th outfit…a simple blue and white striped dress from Lou & Grey, Tory Burch Ines sandals, a hat from Loft and a fabulous and fun beach bag from Vera Bradley (everything is linked below). My style at the beach is very very relaxed and casual, but this year, I brought some fun pieces to photograph as well as a few new swimsuits that I’m excited to wear. There aren’t that many places to go out here on Bald Head Island so for the most part, we go to the beach or pool and cook. We do have the Bald Head Island Club (the pool is there) and enjoy going to dinner there some.

I also love to catch up on magazines while on vacation and yesterday was pouring through the latest issue of Porter and came across an article about 5 ways to feel 5 pounds lighter. Some of the suggestions I knew about and some I didn’t. Most of us want to feel (or be) 5 pounds lighter, especially in summer when it’s vacation time. I thought you all might enjoy these easy ways to help you feel lighter (especially during swimsuit season). Keep scrolling!

July 4th Outfit - Crazy Blonde LIfe



A soak in a bath filled with 2 pounds of Himalayan salt is claimed to have the same detoxing effect as a three day fast, according to Dr. Barbara Hendel. The salts mimic the 80 trace elements found in the body and draw out toxins. Pre vacation, use twice weekly for 30 minutes, and drink water afterwards as the effects are powerful”. Use the pink salts with a food grade stamp on the back.


A daily dose of L carnitine (a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that's often taken as a weight loss supplement) could kick start a sluggish metabolism and help the body convert fat to fuel. Take 200 - 500g of L Carnitine a day and you’ll see results in two weeks.


Cut carbs after 6pm for at least two weeks. To lose up to 5 lbs, cut them out after 12 noon. Even better, cut out all grains, sugar and potatoes. It’s only short term and you will definitely notice a difference. Try a three-day bone broth fast (preferably before your vacation) to reset your system from an excess of calories, processed ingredients and alcohol.


Dehydration leads to indigestion and toxin build-up (fat deposits). Drinking more water is key to shedding weight. Check the color of your urine. If it’s very dark, you’re dehydrated. If it’s translucent, drink less. Too much water can flush vital minerals. A pale straw color is best.


If you have only one week before vacation, the best detoxifiers are pomegranates, cranberries, beets ad raspberries. They boost lymphatic function and help thin bile, which is a major regulator of the immune response in the gut and responsible for as much as 40% of our body’s ability to regulate weight.

I hope you all had a really great July 4th! I’m going to be soaking up the sunshine and enjoying every moment of my time here at Bald Head! Keep checking back for more fashion, recipes and who knows what else! Thanks so much for reading!

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