Pillow Talk with Sleep & Glow - Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep

Pillow Talk with Sleep & Glow - Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep

Sleep & Glow Pillow - Crazy Blonde LIfe

Have you heard of the Sleep & Glow Pillow! It’s a pillow that helps to minimize wrinkles caused by sleeping on a regular pillow every night. When I received my Sleep & Glow Pillow I was somewhat skeptical because I’m so used to sleeping with a neck roll and I didn’t know if it would be comfortable or if I would be able to sleep. I decided to try it anyway because of the promise of having fewer wrinkles…my mantra is anything to slow the aging process! I actually did sleep well and I didn’t have wrinkle marks on my cheeks when I got out of bed! What could be better than a pillow that minimizes wrinkles? Here’s the deal on the pillow…

When sleeping on a regular pillow, no matter the pillowcase material, even silk, your skin can become stretched and squashed, creating morning puffiness and skin creases.

The side cradles of the Sleep&Glow pillow help minimize skin twisting and folding. This fights and prevents sleep wrinkles, morning puffiness, and pillow marks.

The average head weighs 11lbs (OMG who knew!) creating a lot of pressure to your skin when sleeping on the side or stomach. Skin can get twisted and folded during 8 hours of sleep on a regular pillow.

Over time, these creases and sleep lines can turn into permanent wrinkles. Yikes!!

*Information from Sleep & Glow

Image via Sleep & Glow

Image via Sleep & Glow

There are two types of wrinkles – expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles.

Both types of wrinkles are caused by repetitive skin distortion but are very different. Expression wrinkles are caused by frequent facial muscle activity, while sleep wrinkles are caused by nightly contact with a regular pillow.

Sleep wrinkles can make existing expression wrinkles worse because the skin affected during sleep is usually creased along existing expression lines. The delicate skin around the eyes and lips is especially vulnerable to increased wrinkles caused by sleeping with a regular pillow.

Sleep wrinkles are usually vertical, but since everyone’s face is different and our sleeping positions are different as well, the creases may also be horizontal (particularly around the eyes). Over time, sleep wrinkles can turn into permanent wrinkles especially on the forehead and around the eyes, nose and lips.


Expression lines appear due to brief facial muscle contractions. However, skin indentation during sleep can last for hours and as a result, sleep wrinkles are very difficult to correct. As I’ve said before, I’m whole heartedly in favor of Botox and injectable fillers such as Restylane. I think they’re the best and easiest way to treat existing facial wrinkles and they give me a rested and softer look. Botox and injectable fillers, however are not a permanent solution so I also use Vitamin A cream and a Vitamin C serum every day as well as getting regular Hydra Facials. Since fillers and Botox are short term solutions, I like to complement my skincare routine with a pillow that’s easier on my skin at night!

Skin Care Routine - Crazy Blonde Life

The Sleep & Glow Pillow helps prevent and fight against sleep wrinkles, reduces morning puffiness and the specially designed anatomic shape makes it comfortable to sleep on.

Sleep & Glow also protects expensive eyelash extensions and has a cooling effect on your face. The way I see it, there is no downside to using the Sleep & Glow Pillow!

Sleep & Glow Pillow - Crazy Blonde Life

Sleep & Glow gifted this pillow to me but I do sleep on it now and really like it!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this pillow and what you’re doing to combat the signs of aging! Leave a comment below! Thanks so much for reading today!

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