Every moment in our lives is an opportunity to grow - even the hard moments when we think we can't even stand up.  2015 has been an interesting year for me.  It's been a year when I've had lots of moments that I thought I couldn't stand for another second because things were so hard and a year of amazing accomplishments.  I know that growth is painful and for a while, I chose to focus on the pain and not on the growth.  I complained and said how happy I was that 2015 was over - until I started thinking about the growth.  When we focus on the negative, we only get more negative!  I have chosen to focus on the positive.  That doesn't mean that hard things won't happen again, but my reaction has a lot to do with the outcome.  I can only be responsible for myself!

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Let me talk for a moment about the positive things that happened in 2015.  I went to an amazing event at Kripalu in Stockbridge Massachusetts (my flight got cancelled and I ended up having to drive 6 hours from the Washington airport and it was so worth it) with Gabrielle Bernstein, I went to Provence with two of my daughters to say a temporary farewell to Rebecca (my middle daughter) who was going to be studying abroad for a semester, I started and completed my yoga teacher training, raised fifteen thousand dollars for the Patricia Bynum Fund (a fund for people who can't afford basic expenses during cancer treatments), had a huge learning experience about what it means to be in a long term marriage, I went back to New York to hear Gabrielle Bernstein in New York, I started my blog, Crazy Blonde Life,  in April 2015 (hello, it's become my passion), became a grandmother to a most beautiful grandson named Hudson and survived craziness in my life on so many levels!  Some of this sounds really great, and I know that some of it sounds horrible, but I would not be where I am today if the painful things hadn't happened.  I am so completely proud of myself!!  That doesn't mean that I haven't made mistakes along the way, but I can truly say that I've learned so much!  Kindness and love are the only answers!

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I have  made a commitment to make a daily decision to embrace whatever comes my way and greet it with positivity and love.  I am inspired by so many strong women who have kept working to make their dreams come true!  There is no growth without pain!  There also is no growth without forgiveness of ourselves and others.  We cannot dwell on bitterness, anger and pride.  If we do so, we leave no room for the positive.  We must forgive and move on.  We only have power in the present to change the direction of our lives no matter what has happened in the past to bring us to where we are.

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One quote I read that has had a huge impact on me is this "if what you have to say isn't more beautiful than the silence, then keep it to yourself".  I don't know who said it but they were very wise!

It is my wish that Crazy Blonde Life will help you learn about new possibilities, good health, better relationships and fabulous style.

 I hope you will support me in my journey as I  continue to grow and share what I learn with you.

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Life isn't easy but that doesn't mean it can't be great!  Find the Grace!