It was a sparkling day on the beach yesterday!  I love how the sun hits the water and everything just shimmers.  We are savoring every moment of this time together and wishing that summer could last forever and time could stand still.  I know that soon everyone will go their separate ways and it is so bittersweet because I want my children to live their lives to the fullest and have great adventures, but I'll also miss them very much!  Sarah goes back to High Point University on August 20 so we will be packing her up the minute we get home from vacation.  Rebecca is moving to Boston on September 1 to pursue her ceramics and explore a great new city.  I'm so thankful that Lauren, Chris and Hudson live down the street so I can see them every day! 

We took some great pictures on the beach yesterday...hope you enjoy and that you're savoring these last few days of summer!

Mr. Crazy has been working hard for those arms!

DSC_0843 (2)

Poor baby Hudson never gets any attention!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.56.42 AM

So adorable!

DSC_0812 (2)

I've never been much of a hat girl until this year, and I'm especially loving this one from Draper James!

DSC_0784 (1)



Have a great day everyone!   Thanks for stopping by the blog!