The moving truck pulled up at 8:00 am yesterday morning!  As the furniture came in, Hayes parents and myself along with Rebecca and Hayes started unpacking and trying to figure out where everything went.  By about 10:30, amazingly, it was starting to take shape.  The apartment is a perfect mix of Rebecca and Hayes, with Hayes's guitars and music and Rebecca's art, I think if feels like home to them already! 

The apartment that they are living in was built in 1900.  It was originally a home and has been made into six apartments!  I would love to know more about the history of this house!  Judging from some of the details that are in their apartment, such as an old dumbwaiter, and beautiful molding, it must have been very grand at one time!  Although there is still some work to be done, I think the space is going to be perfect for them!

DSC_0790 (1)

The living room before!

DSC_0791 (2)


This area is a work space for Rebecca and Hayes

DSC_0793 (1)

The bedroom before!


The unpacking begins, it was a little overwhelming at first!

DSC_0797 (1)


DSC_0806 (3)

The bed piled with clothes and bedding!

DSC_0803 (1)

What a difference!  The living room is a cozy, comfortable space!

DSC_0821 (2)

DSC_0839 (1)

DSC_0820 (1)

Rebecca and I found this great work table for her apartment in Savannah!  It weighs a ton, but is perfect for painting and projects and also has storage underneath!  I love the contrast with the gold mirror (that still needs to be hung)!


How many guitars?

DSC_0832 (2)

Looking into the kitchen


The hallway is narrow but there was just enough room for this fabulous full length mirror!


The kitchen...you can see the old dumbwaiter above the table!


Rebecca made the lamps pictured on the table and the counter!


DSC_0841 (1)

Another painting by Rebecca!

DSC_0814 (1)

They have a small butlers pantry that has a huge amount of storage and a coffee making station!  This cute little piece of furniture was another find from Rebecca's apartment in Savannah!


DSC_0815 (2)


The bedroom (almost) finished!  Rebecca knitted the blanket on the bed!  I hope I'm next in line to receive one (Christmas maybe,hint hint?)

DSC_0811 (1)

DSC_0812 (3)

A painting by Rebecca over the dresser waiting to be hung

DSC_0809 (1)

A tired girl taking a break!

IMG_2165 (1)

Later that evening we ordered pizza from a place just a few blocks away and walked to get it!  It was the first meal in their new apartment!  The neighborhood is full of great restaurants and shops!  They are going to love Boston!

DSC_0845 (2)

DSC_0846 (3)

A perfect chair for two!


Today, Rebecca and I are having a girls day and I'm really excited to spend this time with her before I go home!  First, we'll have lunch and then shop in Boston.  I'm excited to share some fun shops and restaurants with you tomorrow and I can't wait to come back for another visit so I can get to know this beautiful city!  Thanks for stopping by!

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