I've been anticipating our trip to Boston for a while now and it's finally here.  I'm sitting in my bed in the hotel writing this as we speak and Rebecca is in the bed next to me.  I know this is the last night that we'll be together for a while because the moving truck is coming at 8am and she'll sleep in her new home tonight.  We'll head over to the apartment to start to arrange furniture and get everything looking beautiful in about an hour.  Her apartment is not the most beautiful from the outside, but the inside is promising and it is in the best area...Whole Foods is just steps away!

I didn't take too many pictures yesterday, but here are a few that I took while we were walking around.  We had lunch at a great little spot in Harvard Square and then walked around the Harvard Campus for a while.  Afterward, we got the keys to the apartment and I got to see it for the first time.  I'll take before and after pictures of their apartment to share tomorrow.  I'm hoping for a real transformation!  Last night we had dinner at a great restaurant called Alden and Harlow in Harvard Square.  All of the entrees were small plates and we all ate way too much but I would recommend it if you are looking for a great place to have dinner in Boston.

Rebecca and I at the airport!

DSC_0737 (2)

DSC_0738 (2)

Our lunch spot in Harvard Square

DSC_0751 (3)

Rebecca and Hayes at lunch...we ate outside and people watched!

DSC_0749 (2)

Our view from the hotel.

DSC_0745 (4)

DSC_0742 (1)

This was a little gourmet shop in Harvard Square.  So many cute places to see!

DSC_0752 (4)

DSC_0754 (2)DSC_0755

This is the biggest Anthropologie I've ever seen!

DSC_0760 (4)

DSC_0761 (2)

In Harvard Square

DSC_0767 (3)

DSC_0769 (4)


DSC_0773 (1)

DSC_0776 (2)

We walked from Harvard Square to their apartment.

DSC_0781 (1)

DSC_0782 (2)

DSC_0787 (1)

Rebecca and Hayes at their new apartment!



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