Crazy Blonde Day!

Yesterday started off as a very busy Crazy Blonde Day for me!  I have some special things going on that I hope to be able to share with you very soon!

My good friend and florist extraordinaire, Lyn Moser of Special Arrangements did these beautiful floral arrangements for our home!  Flowers can really make an ordinary Crazy Blonde day feel like the most special day Crazy Blonde Day ever.

Lyn decorated the mantle of our outdoor fireplace with magnolia and beautiful hydrangeas and it will last until the decorations go up for Christmas, which is just around the corner!  I sat outside yesterday afternoon with a blazing fire, a glass of wine and a stack of magazines that have been waiting for me.  It was so nice to enjoy the beautiful day and the warmth of the fire.  I am starting to think and plan for the holidays and the magazines really sparked my imagination and gave me so many ideas of things for the blog and my home!  Mr. Crazy Blonde is out of town today and I am going to spend a little more time by the fire with my magazines and my thoughts, planning for the months to come!  It really is a gift to have time alone sometimes!






Lyn used old bourbon bottles and interspersed them with the liquor bottles on my bar cart!  Later in the week on Crazy Blonde Life, I'm going to share my ideas for having a perfectly stocked bar for the holidays!


My idea of a perfect fall afternoon...magazines and wine!




Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

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Have a Crazy Blonde Monday!

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