Have a Crazy Blonde Monday!

Why is it that we always dread Mondays?  Are you a person that has the Monday Blues or are you excited for the new week?  There are actually studies to show that most suicides are committed on Monday.  I know that is the extreme, but for some reason Monday depresses most people compared to any other day of the week.  Here are some Crazy Blonde Monday suggestions to make Monday your favorite day of the week.


Instead of dreading Monday, consider thinking of Mondays as a fresh start!  Every Monday, you have a chance to decide how your week will be.  Set your intentions to have a healthy and happy week!

Plan something to look forward to on Monday.  Whether you have a full time job and dread going to work, or you just dread getting back to the routine of the week, you can plan something special to look forward to on Monday.  Consider making Monday evening the night you take a long bubble bath, go to a relaxing yoga class or have your favorite takeout instead of cooking.  If you make a habit of doing something enjoyable on Monday evenings, it will become a day that you look forward to.

For an indulgent bath, try Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil or Philosophy Pure Grace Foaming Bath and Shower Gel!

Start thinking about Monday on Friday!  Planning ahead for Monday can make the whole week go more smoothly.  There are always tasks and appointments that are non negotiable for the week ahead.  Make sure that those things are on your calendar and planned for.  Map out what exercise you're going to do on each day of the week.  Make a grocery list so that you can shop on Sunday and cook a meal or two to make weeknights easier.  Make sure your clothes are clean and ready for the week ahead.  If you plan out your week on Friday, then you can relax and enjoy the weekend knowing that the week to come will go smoothly!  Planning ahead gives you a way to master your week!

For ultimate organization, I love the Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte!  It is more than just a planner.  It Incorporates your to-do list, your gratitude and your goals!

Here are a few tips on planning your outfits for the week!

Check the weather and get an overview of the week.

Look at your calendar and plan for work and post work commitments.

Have a basic formula.  Each week you might wear a dress one day, a skirt one day, denim one day and other pants two days.  Add tops to match the weather and the activities of the day!

Group your outfits in the front of the closet so that all you have to do is grab, get dressed and go.  Its a good idea to add accessories and shoes to the hanger to make getting dressed a breeze.

Planning for the week also lets you know if you need to do laundry on Sunday night to get you through the week.


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Try this recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken and Pasta Soup!  Have the ingredients ready on Sunday night and put everything in the crockpot early on Monday so that dinner will be ready when you are!


For a vegetarian crock pot alternative, try SlowCooker Vegetarian Fajitas from The Pieper Life.


Get up just fifteen minutes earlier on Monday than usual.  Find some time to sit quietly and still your mind before starting your day.  Applies this to every day, but if Mondays seem difficult for you it is even more important.  Monday may be the day you dread, but if you look at as the beginning of a great week that thought can empower you and get you off to a great start.  It's a matter of seeing the glass half full instead of half empty!

These meditation tips from the Huffington Post will guide you through the benefits of meditation.

It's important to take a moment each Sunday and check in with your longterm goals.  What steps can you take toward your goals each week?  Your Sunday planning can be about your whole life!  As a result of thinking in terms of your life goals, Monday may seem like the most important day of the week!


Wishing you all a Crazy Blonde Monday!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog to see what I'm wearing for the week!


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