Pumpkin Smoothie - Breakfast for Thanksgiving Morning

This Pumpkin Smoothie is addictive and healthy, and really what more could you ask for!  It's kind of like eating a cold delicious pumpkin pie in a glass!  These smoothies are great for a light breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, because you certainly want to save room for the big event!  Make a blender full of Pumpkin Smoothies and everyone will be satisfied until Thanksgiving dinner is ready!

I've worn this sweater before on the blog, but I couldn't resist wearing it again because it matches the smoothies so well!



The countdown is on and I have been preparing for the big meal today!  I still have to pick up our turkey and brine it!

I'm picking Rebecca up from the airport tomorrow at around 11:30 and we'll be off to get our turkey and just a few more items and the cooking marathon begins!  I hope you'll try this delicious Pumpkin Smoothie recipe on Thanksgiving morning to keep everyone out of the kitchen until dinner is ready!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog, as I shop and cook for the big dinner!

A big thank you to my friend Britt for helping me taste test this recipe and for taking these pictures!

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