Trish McEvoy Makeup

The Trish McEvoy Makeup counter is such a great place to spend some quality girl time!  I picked Rebecca up from the airport this morning and it was so good to be able to spend some girl time with her.  After having lunch, we headed straight to Nordstrom to the Trish McEvoy Makeup counter for a little touchup!  It's always good to bond over makeup shopping!  We were so lucky that one of the top Trish McEvoy makeup artists, Christina Michael was at the counter and Rebecca had her makeup done...Trish style!  

There are so many new products in the Trish McEvoy Makeup line as well as all of the tried and true products! Scroll down to read more about Trish McEvoy. 

Rebecca and Christina


Christina rolled up her sleeves and got busy doing Rebecca's makeup!



Below are some of the delicious smelling Trish McEvoy fragrances.  My favorite is the Blackberry Vanilla Musk.


The Planner Voyager VII is one of the new take anywhere Trish kits.  It includes 6 full size eyeshadows, 2 full size eye definers, bronzer, blush, lipgloss and two brushes.  It is the perfect stocking stuffer for all the beauty queens on your list!


Christina wrote down all of the products that she used on Rebecca and described exactly how she used them. 





Trish McEvoy started her own line of beauty products in the 1970's when she was working as a make-up artist.  She struggled to find quality brushes and made her own from art-supply brushes that she cut into the shapes she needed to apply make-up.  She started giving brushes to clients as gifts and at that point realized that she had an opportunity to sell the brushes.  She began to have her brushes manufactured in quantity and sold them by mail order and did make-up lessons in her apartment.  In 1978, she partnered with her husband, who is a dermatologist, and started one of the first medi spas in New York.

She started to sell her products to retail stores in 1993.  She has become famous for her make-up systems that include a planner with pages to hold the make-up.  The planner zips up and can be taken anywhere!

Her goal now is to sell make-up systems at a reasonable price and teach the customers how to use the products at home.  The company now generates just under 100 million dollars in revenue!  That's what I call a success story!

It's so good to have Rebecca home from Boston even if it's just for a few days!  I hope you'll follow along on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog as we start cooking Thanksgiving dinner!  Have a great day everyone!








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