Hundreds of Orange Muffins

I have made hundreds of these miniature orange muffins in my life (maybe thousands) and I never get tired of them.  The recipe comes from Martha Stewart's Horsd'Oeuvres cookbook.  The muffins are good on their own for breakfast, but in the cookbook, they are served with a small slice of smoked turkey and quince jelly.  The combination of the smokey turkey and the sweet citrus muffin is so delicious.  I'm making these muffins as part of a cocktail buffet I'm catering on Friday night of this coming week.  I made the muffins ahead as they freeze beautifully.  I hope you'll try some version of these muffins!  If you make them or any of my recipes, show me using #bySuzanne on Instagram.  I love seeing what you make!

I'm off to Nashville today to help Sarah and Will find an apartment!  Check back on Crazy Blonde Life to see what we're up to! 

Sign up for cooking classes in April and May!  The April 6th class is all about Pesto!  We'll make 3 kinds of pesto and use them in different recipes such as...Toasted Walnut and Spinach Pesto Pasta and Baked Pesto Chicken!  April 27 is all about Strawberries!

Happy Sunday!