Minnie Driver's House in Elle Decor Magazine

Elle Decor has long been one of my favorite design magazines.  The homes featured in the magazine always seem unusual while still being inviting.  I love color and pattern in my own home and I was immediately drawn to Minnie Driver's ranch home in the Hollywood Hills that is featured in the April 2017 of Elle Decor issue for just that reason.  Together with her designer Peter Dunham, Minnie designed a home that seems doable and approachable. 

I have to mention how fabulous this outfit is!  I'm planning to try to copy and put my own spin on it soon!

The chairs in the dining room are covered in vintage Islamic and African textiles.  

Who would think to mix a chintz chair with a 1960's suzani, but I think that's what I love most about this house...it has such a mixture of prints and colors and it works!

A beautiful and understated soaking tub with a fabulous rug looks so inviting.  A bar cart in the bathroom is a great way to multipurpose...I'm also going to be incorporating that idea!

This house is inspiring to me because it has ideas that I can easily incorporate into my own home.  To see more of Minnie Driver's home, pick up the April 2017 issue of Elle Decor.

Now I'm off to do some apartment hunting with Will and Sarah and hopefully have a fabulous lunch in Nashville!

Have a great week everyone and be sure to follow along with me on Instagram while I'm in Nashville!