Our Time in Nashville

Sarah and I came to Tennessee to find an apartment for her and Will to live in.  I am staying in Nashville, but yesterday, we spent the day in Clarksville Tennessee, apartment/house hunting.  I'm not gonna lie, I've had more fun in my life.  The nice places were few and far between, but I think we found something they will be happy and SAFE in!  That was my big issue.  I will worry about Sarah no matter what, but knowing that she is in a house by herself while Will could possibly be deployed makes me crazy.  I just had to know that she was in a good neighborhood and in a safe secure house.

We wanted to make the most of our time in Clarksville and I wanted to know a little bit more about where Sarah was going to be living and going to school, so after the hunt was over, we did a little walking around in downtown Clarksville, home of Austin Peay State University .  Sarah will be attending Austin Peay for summer school this summer.  The campus is really charming and I think she'll like ti there.  I keep hearing that they have a good basketball team, but I don't know a lot about basketball teams so I'm going to leave that one alone!

Sarah and Will have been telling me about this little bar/restaurant called Black Horse Pub and Brewery in Clarksville.  Black Horse is a charming little place and they have a huge menu of salads, burgers, pizza etc.  Evidently the beer cheese is the most popular thing on the menu, so we had to order some!  I had never had beer cheese until yesterday and I'll admit it was good, but I can think of about 1000 things I'd rather have.  I also had a caesar salad with blackened salmon, but I was so hungry by the time we sat down that I ate way too much beer cheese!  I'm sure that Sarah and William will be eating their share as well...I don't think Clarksville is know for their restaurants, but this one was a winner!

We had dinner in Nashville at a restaurant called Etch.  The inside was bustling and had a fun atmosphere!  We really enjoyed our dinner and our time together!

Sarah was evidently still hungry after eating her beer cheese!  She had the duck, which is totally out of her box and for dessert, a delicious brown butter cake with pear sorbet.

This cauliflower appetizer at Etch is very popular!  We saw plate after plate of it go out.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this dish goes to the food bank here in Nashville.  It was delicious, but I'll have to say that my Charred Cauliflower with Hazelnuts and  Brown Butter is definitely better.  Maybe I'll share the recipe with them!

I had to stop into the beautiful Hermitage Hotel when I got back yesterday!  I have been hearing about it for some time now and just wanted to see for myself.  This is definitely the place to stay next time!   The Hermitage was built in the early 1900's and is rich in history.

Unfortunately, it is raining today, but we won't let that stop us!  Sarah is coming to Nashville and we'll spend the day shopping around and seeing some sights.  Tomorrow, I'll have some great recommendations for shopping and dining in Nashville.  Draper James is one of our first stops.  It is always one of our favorites!

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