The Best Summer Cocktail...Lemon Thyme Prosecco

When it comes to cocktails in the summer, there are a few rules that I think are important!  The first rule is that the cocktail needs to be light and refreshing because the weather is anything but light and refreshing!  The second rule is that it needs to have a citrus flavor and the third is that it needs to have something fresh from the garden.  This cocktail has all of the above and you won't want to make anything else until fall when the weather starts to get cool and crisp.  

We have decided to serve this drink at Sarah and Will's wedding in August and I think it will be perfect!  It should be extremely hot and this drink is sure to be everyone's favorite refreshing cocktail.  It combines lemonade ice cubes, prosecco and thyme.  What could be easier, more delicious and beautiful?

I recently made a video showing how to make this drink with my friend Holly Treadwell.  Holly owns a fabulous coffee shop in Burlington called The Blend & Co.  We made a really great coffee video together and I asked her to stay and make this Lemon Thyme Prosecco video with me; after all, it's no fun to drink alone!  I think you'll agree that this one is a winner!  Just hit the arrow to watch the video!  Please let me know what you think by leaving your comments below!

All of the ingredients for the perfect summer cocktail!

Making these videos is so much fun!  I love being the center of attention for an afternoon!

A toast to the successful day of video shooting and to the leisurely days of summer!

I know that you'll love this cocktail as much as I do!  I would really LOVE it if you would post a picture on Instagram if you make it with the hashtag #dailyindulgence!

Hudson, Lauren and Chris are coming in tomorrow for the weekend and I'm so excited to have them here! We are throwing a bridal shower for Sarah on Sunday, and I'll take lots of pictures and post the recipes.  It's going to be a bittersweet weekend because she is moving on May 12.  I would appreciate your good thoughts and love as I move on to this next stage in my life!  I'm going to miss all my babies so much!

Follow me on Instagram for more pictures of our time together!  I have some great meals planned and a fun menu for the shower... and you never know what Hudson might do!