Moving Day

We loaded and overloaded the U-Haul and headed to Tennessee on Saturday!  Every inch of available space in 3 cars and a large truck was used!  I had to unpack my suitcase and repack in duffles just to get my clothes in the car.  The drive was long, but honestly not so bad.  I always have  podcasts downloaded to help pass the time and it really helps.

I did cry just a little thinking about Sarah leaving and knowing that she wouldn't live with us anymore.  I know that she'll be happy, but I'll miss her (these girls are killing me)!

We arrived and Will was waiting with several of his friends and the truck and cars were unloaded really quickly, however, there was not much organization!  We worked until we thought we were going to drop, ate some pizza and called it a night.

Yesterday, Mother's Day (haha) looked much brighter.  The weather was perfect and we quickly got started.  The goal...a Pinterest worthy town house!  We are still working!

Another full car!  We made a Target run and got all of the necessities.  Shower curtains, paper towels, fizzy water and more were packed into the car and after that, we were starving!

We (the girls) headed to Sarah's favorite restaurant in Clarksville, Black Horse Pub, to get some lunch.  By then, it was around two o'clock and I hadn't eaten a bite of food all day!  Beer cheese has never tasted so good!

For dessert, we ordered this fabulous skillet cookie cake and devoured it!

We stopped at an antique (junk) shop after lunch.  The girls were clowning around!

Having a little break!  The guys went to Lowe's while we were at Target.  They hung pictures, hooked up the washing machine and did all of the guy things!

You can shop this cute "moving day" or "any day" look by clicking on the pictures below!

We are all going to Nashville this morning to celebrate Mother's Day at one of my favorite restaurants, Fin and Pearl.  After, everyone but me is headed back home.  I'm going to stay and do a little more decorating and photograph the town house.  I'm looking forward to spending a little more time with Sarah and Will before going home on Wednesday morning. 

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog and have a wonderful Monday!