Fun Day with Sarah and Will in Nashville!

Fun Day with Sarah and Will in Nashville!

After spending one really full day moving Sarah and Will into their new town home, we decided to have a little fun!  Will's family and Garrick left yesterday after we had a really delicious lunch at Fin & Pearl in Nashville.  We all met there for one last meal together and celebrated Mother's Day a day late.  Fin & Pearl has a relaxed atmosphere and it was the perfect place for us all to meet.  It really felt like Sunday morning since we were having brunch (with mimosas)!

Sarah arrived in typical Sarah fashion...late as usual, but everyone was relaxed and in good spirits, so it really didn't matter!  I had to snap one more picture of the two of them clowning around!

Shrimp tacos, Po Boy sub and tile fish were just a few of the selections on the menu!  The food is excellent at Fin & Pearl...but we were disappointed that they didn't have oysters for brunch.

A trip to Nashville isn't complete without stopping by Draper James, the ultimate place for Southern shopping!

I love this cute flower truck, by Amelia's Flower's!  I think Burlington needs on of these ASAP!

We stopped by Jeni's Ice Cream for dessert. I couldn't resist the Lemon Buttermilk!

Can you even believe that Clarksville Tennessee has a winery and that the wine is good!  

Beach Haven Winery is such a fun discovery and Will and Sarah are going to enjoy their Jazz on the Lawn series this summer!  The winery uses mostly grapes from Tennessee and they have tastings and tours everyday.  I recommend taking a tour if you're ever in Clarksville!

We ended the day with a bottle of Beach Haven Chardonnay and a cheese board.

I'm still hoping that one day, the girls and I can all live closer together, but for now I will just have to do a lot of traveling!

Check back tomorrow for a tour of Sarah and Will's town home!  It really is cute and I'm sure they will love it there for this coming year.

You can shop my outfit (or very similar) by clicking on the pictures below!

I'm driving home today instead of tomorrow.  I decided to give the newlyweds a little time alone!  We're going to have lunch together shortly and then I'll hit the road.  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog for pictures of the last morning of my trip!  Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by Crazy Blonde Life!

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