Making a Home

Every place you live is an evolution of your style and life experiences.  When we looked for things to use to furnish Sarah and Will's town home, of course, we started with things that we already had because we were trying to stay within a budget.  Everything used was something that we bought second hand from consignment shops or something that was in storage.  There were also a few gifts from family and friends.  We added new pillows, painted many items, and had a few things recovered.  I think what we came up is pretty cute!  They still need a few things, but I know that the two of them will continue to find items to make it their own, together!

The kitchen is small, but all they need and I love that it opens into the living area!  I'm sure they'll have lots of fun entertaining in this space!  The cute little bar cart came from Bella's House in Burlington.  We had planned on painting it, but decided that it's great just as it is!

Sarah had the fabulous painting by Allison Ester in her apartment at school and it is a colorful addition to the living room.  She still needs some dishes to fill the plate rack, but that will come!

The "I Do" plate came from Draper James and the "do-das" and candle were gifts from a friend.

Below, a mirror that Sarah spent hours painting and a picture that we found in Nashville for the guest bathroom.

The bedroom is small (that's why I'm in the picture), but just big enough for everything they need.  This huge mirror was another find from Bella's House.  It makes the room feel so much bigger than it is.  The bed came from Salvage Sisters, also in Burlington, and was a gift from Will's parents.

The upstairs landing was the perfect spot for a chest that had been Lauren's and a painting that Rebecca used in her apartment in Savannah.  I'm so glad to have all of this furniture out of my garage.  Maybe we can actually get a car or two in there now!

We went into Nashville for lunch at Burger Up.  It's one of our favorite places for a casual lunch...everything is local and they have an amazing beer selection and a great wine list!  I highly recommend it!

It was very hard to leave Sarah in Nashville, and I didn't leave without tears.  I know that she will be well taken care of, but I will miss her soooo much!  All the way home, I worried about breaking down when I went into her room, but the Universe took care of that by making sure that there was no power in the neighborhood.  It was pitch black when I finally arrived and I still haven't even peeked into her room.  I know that I will later in the day, but I'm not quite ready.

I am so grateful for all of the things that will keep me busy as I transition from having only one child gone to having all three gone!  

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