Plum Pretty Decor and Design

If you haven't heard of Kayla Miller or her design business, Plum Pretty Decor and Design, it's just a matter of time until you do.  Her business started with a Pinterest pin about Fixer Upper paint colors that went viral and was re-pinned hundreds of thousands of times! 

 Kayla at a show in the space she created!

Kayla at a show in the space she created!

Kayla started Plum Pretty Decor and Design about two years ago.  She got the name for the business from her grandmother who always told her that her artwork was "plum pretty" when she was little.  

 Image from Plum Pretty Design and Decor Instagram

Image from Plum Pretty Design and Decor Instagram

The idea for Plum Pretty Decor and Design came about when Kayla was getting her masters in occupational therapy and working at a rehab center.  She just wasn't happy doing the work because she worried too much about the patients and took the burden of their problems home with her.  She knew she didn't want to work in occupational therapy any longer, but didn't believe that her dream of being an interior designer was viable.

When Kayla was a little girl, she designed her own room and the dollhouse that her dad built for her.  She was sewing custom curtains when she was just seven years old.  She never thought it was possible for her to become an interior designer because that was just something you saw on television.  

In spite of her doubts, Kayla quit her occupational therapy job and was working for a wholesale apparel company in Greensboro and looking into interior design schools.  She decided to make her dream a reality and got an online degree from the New York Institute of Art and Design.  After graduating, she started booking small clients and it didn't hurt that her Pinterest pin had gone viral.  Because of that Pinterest pin and her Instagram following, she was discovered by Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse.  Kim is a famous designer who lives in Franklin, Tennessee and she asked Kayla to come and do an antique & design show in Franklin.  As a result of that show, it wasn't long before she was selling furniture to Sheryl Crow and having conversations with the likes of Luke Brian at design shows.  All of this happened because she decided to follow her dream.

Believe it or not, Kayla is just 27 years old.  She would like to eventually open a storefront and hire employees to help with the business.  She also has considered writing a design book that would teach people how to decorate their homes.  She is amazed that she has come so far in just 2 years although she has always been very motivated and had a strong faith that things would work out for the best!  Preparation is a big part of her plan because she has been willing to put the time into making her dream come true.  

Kayla's family is from North Wilkesboro, in the mountains of North Carolina near Boone, and to her, family comes first.  Her family has supported her along the way, especially her grandmother, who always calls to check on her after a show.  

Kayla says that "five years from now, I hope my business has grown, but I always want to keep it small and quaint.  I want to keep it personal and I want to remain the same person.  If you grow to big, you can loose yourself".  

Kayla specializes in French Farmhouse Style.  She hand paints select pieces of furniture that need to be brought back to life.  At this point, she doesn't have a showroom.  She has a warehouse for storage, but is looking for a storefront that would be opened on select days of the week so that people could shop locally in her design studio.  She says that her style isn't for everyone, but that some people are really drawn to it.  She loves to do design shows and connect with the people that follow her blog and Instagram.  

Kayla's mission is to inspire others and says that when people copy her style, it is the best form of flattery.  She loves to work with people and stay within a budget to help them make their home feel warm and comfortable.  

Follow Kayla on her blog and on Instagram!  You'll get so many great ideas, no matter what your style.

 Image from Plum Pretty Decor and Design

Image from Plum Pretty Decor and Design

I wanted to interview Kayla because she is the perfect example of someone who achieved success by following a dream and believing in herself.  I think that women should celebrate and support each other.

Kayla and I made a video together about how to use chalk paint.  She taught me so much and I'm inspired to paint a few pieces in my home.  Check back for the video - Chalk Paint 101, coming tomorrow.  I'll also post pictures of the pieces that I paint very soon.  

I hope you all are as inspired by Kayla as I am!  Thank you so much for reading and for stopping by Crazy Blonde Life!  Have a great day and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog.