Tomato, Basil Mozzarella - Caprese Salad

This Caprese Salad screams summer!  I've always been told that you should eat things together that grow together and basil and tomatoes definitely are a perfect pair.  I'm not going to even give a recipe because you don't need one to make this!  I sliced tomatoes and layered alternately with mozzarella slices, sprinkled chopped fresh basil over the top and drizzled the whole thing with store bought pesto.  I added Maldon Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper.  I could totally eat this salad every single day and not get tired of it!

This salad is perfect for entertaining because it's quick and easy and also because it's so beautiful!  I served it on this beautiful white platter from Williams Sonoma and paired it with grilled tuna.  We devoured it!

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