Moving Day!

Maybe, in another life, I'll open a moving company!  It seems like all I've done for the past few years is move children in and out of places!  I think that this should be the last move for Lauren, Chris and Hudson for quite a while!  

Yesterday started off in Lauren and Chris's apartment.  Garrick and Chris loaded up a U-Haul and started getting everything over the new house.  They had already moved the essentials...beds, some dishes, a couple of chairs and the television.  Hudson thought that an apartment with empty rooms was the best thing ever!  He was rolling and spinning around and running from room to room having the time of his life!  He has more energy than any child I've ever seen.

There is a little playground at the apartment complex and we took a little break to go and play.  It didn't last long because it is hot here in Atlanta!

After everything was finally moved, we all took a much needed break and Hudson fed Pops some pretzels.

This is definitely a before picture and it might be a while before I can show you completely finished afters because there is a lot of painting to do!

Hudson took a break and had a bottle.  He only napped for about 15 minutes the whole day!  I think there was just too much going on and he didn't want to miss any of it!

Pops and I babysat last night while Lauren and Chris went to dinner.  The three of us had Mexican takeout and we all crashed before they got home.  Hudson didn't make a peep after I put him in his crib.  Garrick and I fell asleep on the was a fun, but tiring day!

Garrick had to leave to go back to work tomorrow, but I'm staying until Tuesday.  Hopefully we'll be able to bring some order to the house before I leave.  For now, we're going to brunch at Nido for a delicious meal and a little down time.  I'm excited to share this brunch spot with you next week.  Lauren found them on Instagram and their pictures are beautiful!

Be sure to check back on Crazy Blonde Life tomorrow because I'm doing a whole post on the fabulous workouts at Pure Barre in Greensboro.  I'm also going to tell you how to download the e-book I've created with a whole weeks worth of healthy menus, recipes, pictures and some tips on mindful eating.

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Here a few brunch outfit suggestions in case you were wondering...