Pure Barre - One Amazing Workout!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try a workout at Pure Barre in Greensboro, NC.  I had never done a barre workout before, but had heard about how great it was.  When I got to the studio, I was greeted by Christina Cromwell, one of the owners.  She explained how the class would go and told me that during the first class, I would feel a little out of my element, but that with each class, the instructions would get easier to follow.  She also said that the workout wouldn't get easier, but that I would get better!  

The pictures below with Christina and Jennifer, (the owners of the studio), are from my second class.  I definitely felt more acclimated during the second class and was able to concentrate on making sure that I felt "the shake".  That's when your muscles are so tired that they start to literally shake.  It's a great feeling to know that you're working out that hard!  

The workout pants that we're all wearing are by Goldsheep and they are so much fun!  You can purchase these great pants at Pure Barre!  They really make everything so easy, including shopping!

The classes at Pure Barre are organized by sections.  With each section the focus is on the specific muscle you are trying to shape.  After each section is over, you stretch the muscle that you've worked, creating long muscles.  It is really appealing to me that I'm working to bring definition and shape to my specific muscles without building bulk.

The music in the class was upbeat and fast paced so that you're actually working out to the music.  When the workout got really hard, I tried to concentrate on the music until the set was over and it pushed me to work harder.

The class lasted for exactly 55 minutes, which is a really manageable amount of time to commit to a workout.  The time went by quickly and when I finished, my body felt tired, but energized at the same time.  The next day, I was very sore and I knew that I had done something great for myself!  I am going to commit to 30 days of Pure Barre and share the results with you all, but I'm positive that I'm hooked for life!  This workout will compliment any other workout that you do.

I took my classes from two different instructors, and each one walked around and helped everyone individually so that we all got the most from the workout!

Everyone that I met at Pure Barre was friendly and encouraging.  There were people (mostly women) of different age groups and different levels of fitness, and everyone was working hard.  I'm excited to keep taking classes and get the technique down so that I can start to see visible results.

I'm challenging all of my Crazy Blonde Life readers to try a class at Pure Barre!  I know you'll love it and you'll love that you've made time to do something for yourself!

I loved meeting Christina and Jennifer so much and working out at Pure Barre, that I decided to create an e-book with a "Week of Healthy Menus" to share with the Pure Barre family and my Crazy Blonde Readers.  Eating healthy food and a Pure Barre workout go perfectly together!  If you haven't already, be sure to download your free e-book and get a weeks worth of healthy menus, recipes, pictures, a shopping list and tips for mindful eating. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and follow along with me on Instagram as I have more adventures in Atlanta!

All of the photography for this post is by the very talented Sara-Anne of Sara-Anne Photography!  Thank you Sara-Anne!!!