Brunch in the Rain and A Brand New House

Brunch in the Rain and A Brand New House

Time with family is so precious and even more so now that everyone is spread out across the east coast.  It seems like I just got to Atlanta and now it's my last day here and I have to drive back home.  Hudson is growing and changing so quickly and it really makes me sad that I'm missing even one day of it, but I'll come and visit as often as possible.  The bright spot right now is that hopefully we'll all be at the beach together for a week!  Sarah is still deciding but if she doesn't come, then at least we'll all be together for her wedding in August. 

On Sunday, it was raining and very gloomy, so our plans to go swimming had to change.  We decided on brunch instead and went to a great restaurant near Lauren and Chris's house (there are sooo many), called Nido Cafe and It was an excellent choice and I recommend it if you are ever in the area. 

Nido Cafe serves breakfast, tapas and chocolate, and is also open for dinner.  From left to right, Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes, Sesame Crabmeat Salad, Nutella Chocolate Crepe and very delicious and beautiful coffee.

Hudson decided that the adults were sitting for way too long and that Suz needed a new hair style!

We had a great waiter, but his photography skills were questionable!

Hudson thought the Nutella Chocolate Crepe was just about the best thing ever and he wore a lot of it home!

No brunch is complete without mimosas and these were made with mango juice!

Even better than the food were the memories that we made!

We've done some serious unpacking since I got here on Friday and the house is coming together really nicely.  Lauren still wants to change some paint colors and they have another load of furniture to get from Burlington this weekend, but at least they have the kitchen, family room, Hudson's room and their bedroom organized.  It's such a cute house with a back yard for Hudson and I'm sure that they'll love it there.

Below is the family room and their cute dining table.  I think it looks great!

We styled the coffee table with books and the magnolia blossom, but all that will have to go because Hudson likes to sit on the table!

Always a cheese platter!

Hudson had so much fun crawling in the empty hutch.  He is a very busy boy!

Hudson's room came together nicely and he has a playroom in his new house that is FULL of toys.  

Aunt Becca painted the elephant that hangs above his crib.

Mustella makes the best smelling fragrance for babies.  I used it for the my girls when they were little and it brings back so many memories.  It's also a light and refreshing scent for adults, especially in the summer.

I have so much coming up in my life and it's all very exciting.  I'm going to another blogger conference in Orlando on June 22 and I know I'm going to learn so much to make Crazy Blonde Life a better blog!  The day after I return, I will be at Bald Head Island for three weeks and I have some really fun blog posts planned.  When I get home from Bald Head, I'll be in full wedding planning mode...never a dull moment!

I hope you all have had a chance to download my e-book with a whole weeks worth of menus, healthy recipes, and more!  I would love if you would share it with your friends!  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and I would appreciate if you would leave them in the comment box below.  Thanks so much for reading!

I'm including some links below for some things that are on my wish list for summer!  I hope you enjoy!

I'm off to spend one last bit of time with Lauren and Hudson and then headed home!  Have a great day everyone and follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog.

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