Two Outfits to Wear When It's 99 Degrees Out!

Michael Stars top and Urban Outfitters romper

A trip to Bald Head Island isn't complete without a shopping trip (or three) to Island Passage.  They have so many cute things to wear on the island and to take home!  I found this great denim Michael Stars top (similar here) the other day and just couldn't resist.  It's great now with shorts or white denim, but I'll wear it with black jeans going into the fall.  I'm also excited to tell you about the necklace.  It's organic Tagua Jewelry and is handmade by Eccuadorian Artisans from a tree nut.  There are lots of pieces to choose from at Island Passage and all of the jewelry is 100% sustainable.  I have my eye on a bracelet next!  

I always get excited because usually when we're at BHI, the fall clothes are starting to come in and I get excited about football season!  Let's not tell my husband, but planning what to wear and seeing what everyone else is wearing is almost more fun than the game!  

I talked Rebecca into taking some pictures for this post as well, because she had this adorable romper from Urban Outfitters.  It's so cute on her and perfect for the scorching hot weather we've been having.  Her bag is from Target and is a deal at $30.00!  I wish I'd bought several because everyone kept borrowing it!

Michael Stars Denim Sleeveless Top
Michael Stars Sleeveless Denim Top
Michael Stars button-up-the-back sleevless denim top
Urban Outfitters romper and Target Bag
Urban Outfitters Romper
Urban Outfitters romper and Target bag
Target bag and Urban Outfitters romper
Target bag

All the girls and their guys have gone now and it feels very quiet.  Garrick and I had a nice night at the Bald Head Island club bar last night, sitting under that beautiful full moon!   Garrick is leaving for a few days and a couple of my friends are coming tomorrow.  I'm excited to see them and share our adventures with you!  They will probably involve the Margaritaville Frozen Drink Machine!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog to see what we're up to!