Bald Head Island - A Place to Reset and Reflect

I've been here at Bald Head Island for a little over two weeks now and every day I wake up grateful for the opportunity to be able to spend time with family and friends in such a beautiful, peaceful place.  It's a time for me to reset and reflect.  There are no schedules and I usually don't know what time it is!  I know that when I get home, it will be time to start getting ready for Sarah and Will's wedding.  I'm looking forward to creating a special day for them!

Time to rest and turn inward is important for all of us and we often don't ever take even a few moments to find some stillness in our lives.  When I get back home, I will take the memories of this time with me and go back in my mind to the salty ocean breezes and warm sunshine when I need a little break from everyday life!

Anthropologie cover-up
Anthropologie cover-up with Target swim suit
Anthropologie cover-up
Beach Cover-up from Anthropologie
Anthropologie cover-up with Brooklyn Hat Co. hat
Anthropologie cover-up with Target swim suit and Brooklyn Hat Co. hat
Anthropologie cover-up

I'm wearing a fabulous cover-up from Anthropologie but I couldn't find that exact one to link so I found several other ones that I love just as much  as well as some great bathing suits and hats.  My bathing suit is from Target and I've worn it several times since we've been here.  It goes with every cover-up and is really comfortable.  The hat is from Brooklyn Hat Company and my sandals are also from Target (similar here).  Follow me on Instagram for more outfits and adventures from Bald Head Island!

I hope you all take some time today and everyday to find a little stillness and just listen to what the Universe is saying!  Have a great day!

Photography by Sara-Anne Photography