Plan For 2018 To Be Your Best Year Ever!

I am determined that 2018 is going to be the best year ever.  I know that I can accomplish my goals, and even more importantly, my dreams.  Believing is the first step and if you don't believe in yourself, you won't be able to accomplish anything.  Don't let the mistakes and rejections of the past dictate what you do from this moment on and don't let the judgements and opinions of others affect your actions.  It's time to improve, build ideas, dream bigger and get into alignment with what moves you!

Do you plan your days?  This morning, did you wake up knowing what you wanted to accomplish?  If you didn't, you might want to think about improving how you manage your time.  This has been a big lesson for me.  Last year this time, I hadn't even bought a calendar.  This year, I had my calendar for January 2018 in December of 2017 and had already started planning for the new year.  You see, I have things that I want to accomplish this year and I don't want to have regrets when the year is over.  I refuse to spend another year feeling like I haven't done the best I could do, simply because I waited until the last minute to plan and rushed around not doing anything well.  Here is my plan for a more organized and successful 2018. 

Every evening, I write down what I want to accomplish the next day in priority of importance.

 When I wake up in the morning (after my meditation), I review my list and add anything else that comes to mind.  This must be a daily ritual.  I do my best to stick to my list accepting that sometimes, things come up.

Even more importantly, I have a master plan in mind and everything that I do is a step toward accomplishing my dreams.  I say dreams because I like the word and it sounds better than "goals".  Not that there is anything wrong with having a goal, but it sounds like work and a dreams, sounds like well "a dream"!  I'm just sharing what works for me and everyone is different, so word it how you want, just get busy and figure out what it is that you want for 2018!

One thing that is important to me is finding meaning in what I'm doing.  I want to feel like I have made a contribution in some way.  If I can improve the day of just one person, then what I'm doing is important.  It's all about perception, and it's amazing, how a change in perception can, in an instant, change your whole thought process.  It's a snowball effect, because when one person gets happier, the people around them get happier and so on and so on!  That's very powerful when you stop and think about it!

Lastly, and you've heard it so many times before, but gratitude is key.  Gratitude allows you to be satisfied with where you are, allowing you to be open to receive all that life has to offer.  Gratitude allows you to expect great things to happen, because you see what is great already.  When you combine desire and belief, you expect great things! 

Anna Cate Collection Vest with Gucci Booties

This is one of many fashion posts that I'm going to share for the new year!  I will admit, that sometimes, no matter how much you plan, the weather can totally throw a kink in everything. I cannot tell you how cold I was while doing these pictures.  I guess that's why I wasn't smiling.  One of the things that I'm planning to do is to combine items from my closet with a few new things to come up with fun looks.  The blouse that I'm wearing in these pictures is very old (15 years) from Rebecca Taylor.  It's such a classic black blouse with a bit of a twist!  I combined it with a beautiful sweater vest with a fur collar from the Anna Cate Collection, dark skinny jeans and my favorite Gucci boots.

Anna Cate Collection Vest with Gucci Booties

Here are some links to a few of my favorite similar black blouses, booties and a fabulous pair of Frame Denim jeans.

Anna Cate Collection Vest

Just a note to let you all know about some things coming up that you will definitely be interested in!  I'm teaming up with Nordstrom to do a Valentine's Day giveaway and I'll be sharing the details of that giveaway very soon.  I've also scheduled several video shoots so that I can share fashion ideas, and some really healthy recipes on my YouTube channel (you can subscribe here) and here on Crazy Blonde Life!

Also, you may have noticed a few changes on the blog!  On the home page, you can now see and shop my Instagram as well as see some of my favorite places to shop.  There is also a shop page with all of my favorite things!

Anna Cate Collection Vest with Gucci Booties

I'm including links for some of my favorite things to cozy up in below!

Starting this week, my posting schedule is changing.  I will post everyday, except Thursdays and Saturdays, but the exciting part is that I will be sending out a special email on those days, highlighting fun and shoppable fashion on Thursdays and a surprise on Sundays.  The Sunday post sometimes will be an "in case you missed it", a themed email (think Valentine's Day), or anything else that seems relevant.

I know I keep saying it, but I'm so excited about what's to come and I'm going to be ready for it when it gets here!  Keep checking back for your "daily indulgence"!  Thank you so much for reading and please leave me a comment and tell me what you'd like to see more of!

"Remember, that you are the source of what you seek.  You are the freedom, you are the goodness, you are the wisdom, you are the worthiness, you are the love and the presence.  All the self-limiting ideas are just that - ideas.  And they all can be reevaluated and discarded in favor of the timeless presence of your being."