Forever Fierce in New York!

Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with the most fabulous group of midlife women.  I mention midlife because we are all part of an amazing group that I've spoken about before called The Forever Fierce Revolution.  We are women who are determined to change the perception of what midlife looks like...and we are doing it.  As a woman, by the time we arrive in our late 40's and early 50's, we have lived a tremendous amount of life and have so much to share.  Usually we have raised or are still raising children, have been married (at least once), have had businesses and careers and have had many struggles and many joys.  All of this life that we have lived, not only makes us interesting, it makes us smart, relevant and ready to create the next chapter in our lives.  We are no longer going to stand for being overlooked and under appreciated.  We have all made a huge contribution to society and still have so much more to give!

Forever Fierce Sisters in NYC

This group of women ranges in age from 43 to 67!  The shirts aren't all accurate!  Chico's donated the shirts to our group as part of their "How Bold Are You Campaign".  They are encouraging all women to color outside the lines by embracing their age!  See how you you can design your own tee shirt here!  I love this campaign and I'm so happy to be part of this group!

Facetune 24.jpg

Pictured with me in the picture are Catherine Grace O'Connell, the founder of facebook group, turned midlife movement, The Forever Fierce Revolution, and Michelle Montoro of the fabulous blog, Shelbee On The Edge.  Until last night, I had only "met" these ladies on social media, but when I saw them, I felt like I had known them forever!

East Village New York

I stayed near NYU in the east village and took a walk in the very cold New York air.  I always like to take a few pictures of the streets of New York.  It's such a vibrant and interesting place to be!

East Village New York

Busting the myth, as usual, that women in midlife should or shouldn't wear jeans, or ripped jeans!  Who ever made up the rules was wrong!  The Midlife Revolution is here to say that there are no rules! 

Wren Restaurant East Village New York

We ate a delicious meal at The Wren including a charcuterie board and delicious entrees.  The best part of the meal was getting to know a lovely group of diverse women who are all living their lives to make a difference in the lives of others!  I'm so glad I came to New York and I can't wait until the next meet-up!  Hopefully it will be just a little warmer!

Sad to be leaving today, but on to the next!  Have a great day and thanks so much for reading Crazy Blonde Life!