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Life can be hard at times.  It's impossible to be human and not go through difficulties and times that are especially heartbreaking.

Even though everyone goes through unhappy times, there are those that live a life of unhappiness.  They ignore their feelings and emotions and that always leads to stress, broken relationships, anger and depression.  Ignoring your feelings and emotions doesn't serve you.  You have those emotions for a reason and they shouldn't be neglected.  Adversity can break you down, but you are not broken.  It's always about the habitual thought patterns that can be so hard to break.  The negative self talk and the fear of not being good enough.

The first step to breaking habitual thought patterns is to give yourself the time and attention that you need.  You deserve to realize your worth, that your thoughts and feelings matter and that you have a voice.  What is your truth?  What makes you happy?  Don't be afraid to show your weaknesses and be vulnerable.  The people around you that love you want to help, but ultimately it's up to you to start the figure out your purpose.  I believe we are were put on this earth to be happy!

It's not your job to change who you are in order to fit a mold of what society thinks you should be.  You are worthwhile just because you are alive.  Own who you are and be proud of it.  Stop telling yourself the same old stories about how hard life is (we've already established that it's hard at times) and look for a reason to celebrate. Give yourself permission to meet your own needs.  Your thoughts matter, your feelings matter and your voice matters.

Make today the day that you start your journey.  Do just one thing that makes you happy, talk to someone who cares about how you feel and begin to love yourself.  Give yourself the attention that you deserve. 

One last thing...know that you are not alone!  By this I mean that everyone goes through hard times and struggles.  There are so many stories of people who have faced horrible adversity and have come out of it stronger and contributed so much to society.  Don't be afraid or embarrassed to get the help you need.

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As always, I think meditation is so important.  Finding the stillness of a quiet mind gives you clarity and peace.  Give yourself 15 minutes a day because you are worth it.

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I hope that this post serves you in some way!  When I write these (inspirational) posts, I am not trying to pretend to be a professional or act as if it's easy just to suddenly meditate and change your life.  I realize that it takes work and and an openness to being ready to begin to change.  Usually, I am speaking to something that is going on in my life and writing is very healing for me.  Thanks so much for reading!

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