Effortless Dressing and Being Forever Fierce

Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it..." ~ r.h. sin

Today is an exciting day for me because the first issue of the Forever Fierce Newsletter comes out today!  I was asked by Catherine Grace O'Connell to be the editor of the newsletter and I couldn't be more excited.  I am not doing this alone...this is a collaboration with a team of fierce women, Including Eugenia Russell Hargrove and Lana Lindgren.  I was fortunate to meet Eugenia in NYC and she is a force to be reckoned with!  We are working together to write a bi-weekly newsletter full of inspiration for women at midlife.  Each issue will include an interview with a fierce woman, a podcast with Catherine Grace,  suggestions for books travel and more.  Don't miss out!  Sign up for the newsletter here!

The Forever Fierce Facebook group includes women from all over the world, some bloggers, some not...we are very diverse.  We all care deeply about each other and uplift and support each other as sisters.  One theme, that weaves through the feed and seems to be universal, is fashion.  We all have our own style and are not afraid to show it and be proud of it!  In light of that, I bring you my fashion post for today.  It's all about effortless dressing.

Closet essentials with Gucci belt and Marni bag

This is one of my favorite times of the year, when I finally can leave the coat at home and not worry about being cold.  My style can be easy and feel effortless because I don't have to think about so many layers.  I love color, but sometimes it's nice to just throw on a white blouse and call it a day!  If you have a few great pairs of jeans, a few basic tops and a fabulous bag, you'll always have something to put on for everyday occasions.  I wear an armful of bracelets and my basic hoop earrings to complete my outfits.  I'm so excited for the warm weather that I'm going to spend the afternoon pulling out my summer clothes and organizing my closet!  I'm linking exact pieces below, so keep scrolling to shop!

Gucci Belt, Frame Denim jeans
Basic closet essentials with Gucci belt
Basic outfit with Gucci Belt
Basic outfit with Gucci belt
Closet essentials with Gucci belt

If you're not a member of the Forever Fierce Facebook group, you can join here!  This group is a great place to connect with and be inspired by women from all over the world!  If you would like to read more about the group, read this post, and this post.

Thanks so much for reading today!