Cool, Calm and Collected -

Summer goes by so quickly and it's the time of the year to stay cool, calm and collected!  The days are long and sun filled, but even when the thunderstorms roll in, we are given a chance to rest and enjoy the sound of the rain.  I crave the sunshine and that's what I love so much about summer, but forget your tan because your true summer glow comes from within.

Summer Stripes with Jeans
Summer Stripes, Cult Gaia Ark bag

I'm learning every day not to force things.  I'm doing my best to let things go, realizing that there are some things I have no control over.  What I've noticed is that I feel a lightness now that I haven't felt in a while.  My inner peace is dependent upon how I respond to the situations that arise in my life.  My goal right now is to step back, knowing that those things I can't control will ultimately take care of themselves.  I'm putting my energy into the things that I can control. 

How true is this for so many aspects of life?!  Stepping back and allowing certain things to happen means trusting that the Universe will meet your needs.  It's all about having faith that life is supposed to be good and knowing you are loved.  

Letting go never means giving up, it's just the opposite. It took me a long time to understand non-attachment...I always thought, why would I not care about what happens?  We can't control what happens!  Why be attached to something you can't control?  Set your intention on joy, look for the positive aspects in life, dream your biggest dreams and allow yourself to be guided in the direction of them.  Let go of any idea of what your life is "supposed to look like" and surrender to allowing your life to be the best it can be.  Trust that a power greater than you is in charge and know that nothing is random in this Universe!


One thing I truly enjoy (and can control) is coming up with outfits for Crazy Blonde Life.  Some of the pieces I'm wearing are things that I had hanging in my closet and some are new.  I'm linking exact pieces and lots of similar pieces at all price points!  I hope you find a few fun additions to your summer wardrobe as well as a little uplifting inspiration in this post!

Linen Beach Cover-up
Trina Turk Swimsuit
Black Loft Dress with Gucci Belt

In just a few hours, I'm boarding a plane for Washington D.C.!  I'm going to explore, eat great food and spend time with friends!  Be sure to check my Instagram stories to keep up with what's going on!  Also, check out my Pinterest boards for more summer fashion inspiration.

Crazy Blonde Life is about to undergo a bit of a facelift for fall and that's one of my main focuses right now!  I'm striving and planning to make this blog the best it can be and I'm excited to share the new look with you soon!  In the meantime, I hope you're staying cool, finding some inner calm and feeling a collective joy this summer! 

Do you want to be inspired?  Do you love fashion or food?  What makes you smile when you see an email from me in your inbox?  Please let me know what your favorite kind of posts are by leaving a comment below!  Have the best day ever!