National Tequila Day + An Easy Margarita Recipe

Did you know that today, July 24, 2018 is National Tequila Day?  That's entire day dedicated to celebrating tequila, sooo, grab some salt, cut some limes and raise your glass! 

My preferred way to drink tequila is in a margarita, with salt please and frozen if it's hot outside!  Keep scrolling for my easy (cheater) margarita!

National Tequila Day 2018

Here are a few fun facts about tequila that I didn't know and you might be interested in!

Tequila can only be produced in five regions in Mexico.

It must be made from the blue agave plant and only the agave heart is used to make tequila.

There is a specific type of tequila that won't leave you feeling hungover.  Blanco tequila, which is left in its purest form, doesn't contain corn syrup or added sugar.

Blue agave plants take between 8 and 12 years to harvest.

Tequila tasters (did you know there was such a thing) have identified more than 600 aromas in tequila.

There are five classifications of tequila.  They are Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo from youngest to oldest.

Most people who drink tequila in Mexico prefer to sip while most Americans prefer a tequila shot.

National Tequila Day 2018

I've never taken the time to learn about tequila and the brand I always purchase is Patron.  Patron is a small family owned distillery in the mountains of Jalisco.  This growing region of Mexico is considered the most ideal for the production of blue agave.  There are so many other brands of tequila...if you're interested, check out this list of the 15 Best Sipping Tequilas from Town and Country Magazine.

National Tequila Day 2018
National Tequila Day 2018

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Margarita Recipe

Happy National Tequila Day!