The Most Inexpensive Outfit!

As much as I love looking treating myself to a designer piece now and then, I also love to find a bargain.  I'm admittedly not the best bargain hunter, but it's fun when a bargain just falls in my lap!  I've talked before about price per wear and high/low outfits, and while this outfit has provided great price per wear, there is nothing high/low about it...It's totally low!  I found this cute shirtdress at Loft several weeks ago (it's now on sale) and the sandals are from Target.  I didn't plan to post about an inexpensive outfit, but when I put it together, I realized the whole outfit was only $55.00 and you can't much beat that!  Other options for styling this dress would be to wear an espadrille wedge to make it slightly less casual, or throwing a denim jacket or lightweight sweater over it.  The Target sandals have gone with absolutely everything from this dress to jeans to shorts.

Summer Shirtdress
Summer Style
Summer Shirtdress
Afternoon Snacks

The bag pictured above is one that I bought at a charity auction.  It's Stella McCartney and I got it for a fraction of the original price!  It's no longer available, but this one is similar.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm flying home from Washington in the morning and looking forward to being home for a while!  I'm loving my travel, but it's nice to be home!