Making Wonderful Memories at the Ritz Carlton, Washington D.C.

Being pampered in a beautiful environment while traveling elevates the whole experience and creates memories that will last a lifetime.  I truly enjoy finding that perfect place to stay and going back again and again, knowing that I will be met by smiling faces and helpful people who only want to make my stay better each time.  I'm so excited to begin to share my trip to Washington D.C. a few weeks ago and to tell you about my fabulous stay at The Ritz Carlton.  The Ritz Carlton is exactly the kind of hotel that invites guests to unwind in a beautiful space with literally everything at their fingertips.  From the moment I walked in the door, greeted with a glass of champagne, I was treated like a princess.  It was so hard to leave...I wanted to be like Eloise and have my own room on the tippy top floor!

Susana Monico Jumpsuit at the Ritz Carlton Washington D.C.

These pictures were taken in Quadrant Bar & Lounge, which is the cocktail bar located in The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C., where they serve the most beautiful cocktails along with delicious small plates.  It is a beautifully decorated and luxurious space to relax and enjoy an afternoon or evening sipping your favorite libation.  A very special feature at Quadrant is what they call the Vault.  "The Vault is a combination safe measuring six feet high and four feet wide, that holds the establishment’s most magnificent and rare reserves. When ordering from the reserve list at Quadrant Bar & Lounge, guests are taken to the Vault where Lead Mixologist Chris Mendenhall enters the code, turns the beautiful, brass five-spoke handle, dons white gloves and carefully removes the bottle for guests to marvel at before tasting what few in the world may have the opportunity to relish. Mr. Mendenhall believes that if guests are paying anywhere from $250 to $5,000 for two ounces of reserve, it should be an experience, not just a simple pour."

The Vault at Quadrant in the Ritz Carlton Washington D.C.
 Reserves from the Vault at Quadrant, The Ritz Carlton Washington D.C.

Reserves from the Vault at Quadrant, The Ritz Carlton Washington D.C.

I enjoyed meeting Chris Mendenhall and learning about the rare (and expensive) reserves in the Vault!  The bottles were exquisite although I did not sample anything!  I think it best for me to just have a glass of wine!  

Susana Monico Black Jumpsuit at the Ritz Carlton Washington D.C.

The lounge in Quadrant is luxuriously decorated and spacious!  It's the perfect place to enjoy conversation while sitting in front of a cozy fire! 

Susana Monaco Jumpsuit at the Ritz Carlton Washington D.C.
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The Ritz Carlton in Washington is centrally located and I was able to walk to nearby Georgetown and enjoy amazing shopping (seriously) and fabulous food.  Whether you are in D.C. for business or pleasure, The Ritz Carlton will not disappoint.  I'll be sharing more details of my trip and the hotel coming soon...including my favorite restaurants and shops!  There is so much that I didn't have time to see and do - I guess it's time to start planning my next trip!  Thanks so much for reading today!

Thank you so much to Emily Nicole for taking these pictures!  You can check out Emily's blog, The Emily Edition and follow her on Instagram.