7 Essential Oils to Diffuse

7 Essential Oils to Diffuse

I love to diffuse essential oils in my home and my favorites are the ones made by Saje.  I discovered Saje Essential Oils when I was at a Create and Cultivate Conference in New York not long ago.  I bought a diffuser and and a kit with essential oil blends to diffuse.  Diffusing essential oils is a holistic approach to a number of different issues.  Diffuse to relax, to boost your immune system, to help you sleep, or to just make your environment more welcoming.  Each essential oil or blend is designed for different reasons.  Just make sure that you choose a high quality essential oil, such as Saje, that contains only the best ingredients.  

Saje was founded in 1992 by Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Kate Ross LeBlanc after Jean-Pierre was in a serious car accident that left him in chronic pain.  He created the essential oils to help with his health issues and experienced a wellness turnaround that inspired him along with Kate to begin Saje, and share these 100% natural oils and other wellness products.  "Some of the blends have earned Natural Health Registration numbers from Health Canada, meaning that the federal government supports the health claims that they make.  Some are also recognized as over the counter drugs by the US Food and Drug Administration."

As I write this post, my diffuser is filled with Spa Spirit, a blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit and benzoin oils, and the room smells amazing!  In case you were wondering, the benefits of benzoin oil can be attributed to it's properties as an antidepressant, deodorant, disinfectant, relaxant, diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sedative substance (wow!). 

saje essential oils

Here are some of my favorite oils to diffuse or include in blends and why:

Lavender:  Lavender oil is used to reduce anxiety and stress, get rid of headaches and calm skin issues.  Lavender helps you to relax your body and mind and fall asleep more easily, so it's great to diffuse as you're going to bed at night.

Orange:  Orange oil with its citrusy scent is uplifting and can help to get you out of a bad mood.  It alleviates, anger, anxiety and depression!  I'll take more of that please!

Eucalyptus:  Eucalyptus oil is essential to have in your home for it's air purifying properties.  It can also reduce inflammation and congestion.  Use it daily to clear toxins from your home.

Peppermint:  Peppermint oil is used as a digestive aid because it has a soothing effect on the muscles of the digestive tract.  It is know to help focus the mind, improve memory and promote wakefulness.  It can also help ease the symptoms of colds, flu and respiratory illness.  Use peppermint oil if you're feeling groggy!

Lemon:  Lemon oil is similar to orange and peppermint because it can help with mind energy.  It has a lovely fresh smell and can keep your immune system strong.  Combine with lavender and peppermint oil and use on the bottom of the feet for relief of asthma and allergies.  Diffuse for energy and mind clarity...something we could all use more of!

Chamomile:  Chamomile oil is the perfect choice for relaxation.  Smelling chamomile can aid in overcoming depression and bringing about a good mood.  It's also linked with pain relief so it's perfect to diffuse after a workout.  

Rosemary:  Rosemary oil helps to repel insects such as moths, mosquitoes and fruit flies.  It is ideal to diffuse on a hot summer night.  It is also known for its ability to stimulate hair growth, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain.

Saje pocket pharmacy

Pocket Pharmacy Essential Oil Blends from Saje.  My favorite is the Peppermint Halo to rub around my hairline, temples and the back of my neck.  I also like to rub it on my hands and inhale for a quick pick-me-up! 

What is your favorite essential oil and why?  Let me know by leaving your comments in the box below!  Have a great day everyone and follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog!

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